Power drive systems consume 65% of electrical energy used outside the home in the UK and incredibly, in one month, a heavily loaded motor’s running cost can exceed its purchase cost. The purchase cost of a power drive system is often less than 2% of the lifetime cost. In short, energy is expensive.
By utilizing one of iDrives high-efficiency motors or variable speed drives you could significantly reduce costs through the use of these energy saving technologies.   

How we help reduce your company’s energy costs

• We offer customers a free energy appraisal to help identify potential cost and carbon emissions savings through reduced energy use.  
• In a short site visit, we will identify where you might add variable speed drives to applications such as pumps, fans and compressors (as recommended by the carbon trust)
• We’ll then produce a report detailing costs and benefits for you.  All our energy services are endorsed by ABB.
• If the results show merit and you would like to proceed, we will provide a comprehensive implementation package including application design, drive supply, installation and commissioning.
• Upon completion, we measure your reduced energy consumption for a properly audited comparison.
to find out more about energy saving initiatives.